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Truc Nguyen


Truc Nguyen

My full name is Truc Thanh Nguyen, but most people know me as June. I’m an international student from Vietnam and I’m in my third year at San Diego Mesa College. My major at Mesa is Microbiology and I’m planning on transferring and getting my bachelor degree in Clinical Laboratory Science, my goal is to help patients through medical laboratory science and be able to support general medical physicians. To me, Mesa is an amazing experience, firstly, because Mesa gives me the opportunities to learn different things, discover myself, and figure out what I actually love to do with my career. Secondly, I love the diverse environment at Mesa and I have been learning so much from different cultures and many wonderful friends here.

Growing up in a family that has been doing business for three generations, I’m grateful that they still encourage me to chase my dream which is something different than business. I’m grateful to have my parents who did not graduate from college but they worked their hardest to send me and my sister to study abroad because they want us to explore the world and go further. They are the reason for me to try my best everyday in everything that I do.

Some tips I would give to new students: manage your time, always try your best and, “When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it” – Mary Poppins