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Rochelle Hall


Rochelle Hall

Hello, my name is Rochelle Hall! I’m a current theatre major who plans to double major in Anthropology as well once I transfer. I also participate in the dance program here at Mesa and audition for the show when I can! I’m currently in my fourth year here at Mesa. Straight out of high school I was very stubborn and only applied to one college, I had gotten accepted but it was predicted to be much more expensive than I could afford at the time so I decided not to go which left me going to Mesa. While Mesa was not my first choice, I am very glad that I got to attend school here instead. The different communities within our campus as well as our campus community as a whole have helped me grow a lot as a person. I discovered a new passion here, I’m learning how to not be so hard on myself, I’m learning that it’s okay to take things slow if it what you need. That’s the key thing I would have to say to new students: there was a lot of pressure to get in and get out of community college coming from high school counselors and parents but your college education is about you. Do what you works best for you.