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Noah Rojas-Domke


Noah Rojas-Domke

My name is Noah Rojas-Domke and I am going into my second year at Mesa . I am a Mathematics Major and I am applying to UCLA for their BS program of Mathematics for Secondary Teaching. I am also interested in pursuing music and theater while doing my major. I was part of the Vocal Ensemble at Mesa my first year while performing in two musicals and singing in other choirs professionally. I used to do Cross Country and Track for my high school instead of being so involved with singing and performing. Before coming to Mesa I had a scholarship with a 4 year to run for their team, but decided it was not for me and I am so happy with my decision. I have decided to get back into running and see if I can get on a team when I transfer. San Diego Mesa has helped me grow and become the adult I want to be. The reason why I became a Peer Navigator was because my Mentor helped me a lot during my first year and I wanted to do the same for someone else. I have done similar things at my church and high school, both were great experiences and I feel this will be too. What I have learned from my first year at Mesa is that it is nothing like what high school teachers say. I have had teachers encourage me and help me through the bumps during the semesters. Another thing I have learned is that I can not be afraid to push myself and to work hard.

My words of wisdom are: to trust in your instincts and don't be afraid to push yourself.