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Nick Howell


Nick Howell

Hi! My name is Nick I am a third year Mesa College student. I am a Communications major pursuing a Marriage, Family, Therapist (M.F.T) career. I plan to graduate and transfer to SDSU in fall 2021. I decided to go to Mesa because of the nice campus life and it being the most convenient and full community college experience. This is all dedicated to making my hard-working mom and dad proud. 

My life motto is to "Stay Positive”. What I’m doing to “Stay Positive” right now is distracting myself by playing lots of video games and enjoying music like rap and rock & roll. In addition to this, I value keeping up with loved ones the most. Bonding with friends and family whether it’s virtual or physically is always a top priority.

This is my second year being a Peer Navigator. I joined because I saw it as an amazing opportunity to practice my counseling skills, and join a great new working experience. I really love and appreciate the sense of community and diversity that Mesa in-bodies as well. 

Finally, one main tip of advice to incoming college students is to take one thing at a time and always plan one step ahead. Being a college student is not easy, so the more and more you communicate with people that will help you, the smoother and better your college experience will be. 

Instagram: @pn_nickhowell