Peer Navigators

Nayra Cruz


Nayra Cruz

Hello my name is Nayra Cruz, my major is Business Entrepreneurship, I will be beginning my third year at Mesa this fall. I joined the Peer Navigator program at first because it was a great way to get involved in campus but once I became a Peer Navigator it made me realize how grateful and appreciative I am to be in such a diverse, welcoming and friendly campus.

What I'm doing to stay positive during these difficult times is spending more time with family who I hardly got to see before this pandemic, explore new hobbies and discovering myself. Some of my favorite hobbies include, Sewing/Designing clothes, painting, cooking, baking, and watching Tv show series. What I usually did for fun before this pandemic was spend time with friends, go to the beach and try new foods and entertainment. I am Hispanic and Bilingual in Spanish and English. I love Mesa because the environment is overall amazing, filled with diverse friendly people and also helpful and useful resources.

My goals for the future is to get my associates degree at Mesa and then Transfer to SDSU, I want to be a CEO of my own clothing line. I choose to come to Mesa community college because not only is the campus so beautiful but also its helpful resources that will help me succeed in my college experience. My biggest inspiration is my parents, they are such hard workers and work day and night to provide for me and my siblings and I want to give them the world and more because they deserve it. One tip I suggest is always finding time to have fun and be yourself but always stay on track and focused on your goals.