Peer Navigators

Jocelyn Buelna


Jocelyn Buelna

Hello, my full name is Jocelyn Buelna, my major is general business. I have been at Mesa for two years now, next fall I will be starting my third year. I have chosen Mesa because I loved the atmosphere that I was going to be around and how it felt like home. I also chose Mesa because of all the opportunities this school offers and how diverse it is. Everyone a Mesa is overall very caring and nice, many amazing memories have been made at this school! I joined the Peer Navigator program because I loved what they promoted, I also really like to help people and see them succeed along the way. Additionally, I joined because of the connections I was going to make with the team and students.

To stay positive I like to listen to music and go to the gym. I also love going to the beach or going for hikes and hanging out with my friends and family. I am Mexican, and I can speak both Spanish and English. For fun, I like to paint, thrift shopping, or just going for long drives with some friends listening to music. During quarantine, TikTok has been something that I have been watching a lot of hehe.

My future goals are to hopefully transfer to SDSU after receiving my Associate’s from Mesa. At SDSU I plan on getting my Bachelor’s degree in business and minoring in something else that I find an interest in along the way.

Some words of advice I have to new students are to always be yourself and have fun along your journey and to also remember that it is okay to make mistakes, nobody is perfect but we learn from our mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask questions. My favorite inspirational quote is, “ Sometimes you will never know the VALUE of a moment until it becomes a MEMORY.” - Dr. Seuss