Peer Navigators

Gloria Gonzalez


Gloria Gonzalez

Hello! My name is Gloria Gonzalez and I am a sociology major working towards an associates for transfer. I am about to begin my third, and last, year at Mesa, and my second year with the Peer Navigator program. I joined the Peer Navigator program because I remember what it was like starting at a new school and not knowing anything. My Peer Navigator really helped me out my first year and I wanted to be able to provide help and support for others, the same way that it was provided for me. 

I really enjoy playing both video games and board games, as well as, reading, writing, and music in general. Music has definitely been something that has allowed me to clear my head when needed, especially with everything going on right now. 

Being a student is hard, but all the effort that’s being put in, and all the struggles that students go through will pay off soon enough. Ten years may feel like a long time, but it’s nothing compared to our lifespan, and in ten years when we all look back at our college years, we will be able to say that we did that, and we did it well. All you have to do is your best, and your best is good enough.

 “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” ~ Beverly Sills