Welcome to the Mesa Honors Program

Some Quick Facts about our program

  • Honors is a great way to join a community of students pursuing similar goals, connect with faculty, and engage your intellectual imagination.

  • You do not have to have prior experience as an honors students and there are no GPA requirements to create an honors contract.

  • Honors does not add to or otherwise change your GPA.

  • You are an Honors student and part of the program, even when you only take one honors course or convert one class to Honors using a contract.

  • You can turn any 15 week, transfer level course into an honors class with an honors contract (as long as your Professor agrees). You can also register for a 15 week Honors Course when you register for classes.

Honors certificates and UCLA Tap

Interested in doing more with Honors? You can earn an Honors Certificate of Completion, Honors Global Competencies Certificate, and/or be part of the UCLA TAP program.

Schedule an appointment with Honors Counselor Anthony Reuss to learn more about these options.

HOW TO turn any class into an honors class

  1. Make sure your class is transfer level (100 or higher).
  2. Ask your professor if they would be open to collaborating with you on creating an Honors Contract for their course.
  3. Work with your professor to create 3-5 projects/assignments for the Honors Contract.
  4. Thy will invite you to apply using the SDCCD web portal.
  5. Complete and submit the Honors Contract.
  6. There is no need to do anything further. Someone from the Honors team will contact you if there are questions/concerns about your submission.

Visiting this page is your first step toward becoming an honors student!

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