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spring 23 Semester!

loft faculty inquiry groups

LOFT FIG'sWe hope you join your colleagues in a Course Redesign FIG this semester.

  • About: Course redesign projects for faculty by faculty
  • Learn more: LOFT FIGs 
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  • OnRamp to Online
    Preparing Mesa students for online learning success.

  • Online Course Design Cohorts
    Facilitated asynchronous courses that put Mesa faculty in the shoes of online students.
  • Coaching
    Friendly one-on-one support from Mesa online faculty. Stay tuned for asynchronous coaching options coming soon!

  • Course Check Up
    Take the guesswork out of applying our faculty appraisal domains to online course design & facilitation
  • Toolkit
    Templates & support to design your online courses aligned to the CVC & Peralta rubrics.


An online course design cohort designed and facilitated by Mesa's Online Success Team (MOST). This 4 week asynchronous online Canvas course puts you in the shoes of an online student. Build community with your colleagues online while:

  • applying equitable assessment strategies
  • exploring ungrading, standards based grading, authentic assessment, formative assessment and grading for growth


MOST Canvas Crawl

MESA Teaching Tree

MESA Teaching Tree

There are awesome teaching ideas out there, but faculty often find it difficult to find teaching ideas and connect with colleagues. The FPLC has created this Teaching Tree to make it easier for Mesa College faculty to share and find good teaching ideas and resources. Welcome to the FPLC Teaching Tree!

Link to Be Part of PL @ Mesa Infographic




Catalyst is Mesa's one-day teaching conference. It's an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues and have conversations about teaching before the semester begins. Hopefully it inspires faculty and energizes their teaching at the start of the semester. 


ClassiCONClassiCON Classified Professional Conference is a professional learning conference for classified professionals focused on job and workplace skills, professional development, team building, equity and personal development. More

MOSAIC 2.0 Completely Revised!


Mesa's Open Shared Accessible Inclusive Content -  Design and create open content for your course. 

  • Date
  • 8 week asynchronous course with OER Librarian and support from OER Ambassadors                                    
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  • Compensation available.💰

New Classified Institute

New Classified Institute

In 2022-2023, Mesa will begin an annual New Classified Institute (NCI) to more intentionally introduce new classified professionals to the College's culture and practices and to co-create greater community, engagement, leadership, and college vision from the classified perspective. More

New Classified Institute Interest Form

FLEX WEEKFlex WeekPlease take the opportunity to review the various Professional Learning Activities available between January 24-27, 2023. The theme for this year is Shining Light on Equity and Excellence. Schedule

New Faculty Institute 

NFIEach Month, members of New Faculty Institute will meet in the LOFT to learn and discuss topics that will help prepare them for their new positions as tenure-track faculty. More

Is it Summer Yet?

Here’s what you can expect for Summer 23'

CEER: Curriculum Equity & Excellence Review Institute


The Curriculum Equity and Excellence (CEER) Institute is for faculty – contract or adjunct – interested in reviewing instruction and curriculum through an equity lens to create greater success for all of our students. Topics include examining the cultural contexts that we bring to the classroom, using an equity lens to re-imagine classroom activities and assignments, and developing strategies to be responsive to students while maintaining academic excellence, amongst others.

Compensation is available 💰

Contact Chris Sullivan (
Janue Johnson ( )

abut professional learning

about professional learningProfessional learning enables campus employees to develop the knowledge and skills to assist students to be successful in college and address students’ learning challenges. Effective professional learning enables teachers to improve their instruction, administrators to become better leaders, and staff to facilitate pathways toward student achievement.

Creating professional learning opportunities on diversity, learning styles, and innovative teaching techniques are important components in order for all campus employees to grow and develop in their profession.

Professional learning is most effective when it occurs in the context of our daily work.  When campus employees arrange professional learning into their work schedules and are given flexibility to allow time for professional training, then personal and professional growth are genuinely supported.


Campus Employee Learning supports the mission of San Diego Mesa College through coordination of a variety of professional learning opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators to experience and enjoy in their roles as lifelong learners and educators.

Strategic Plan