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return to campus assistance for faculty

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Catalyst is Mesa's teaching conference held every spring Flex week hosted by Mesa's Faculty Professional Learning Committee (FPLC). More


ClassiCON Classified Professional Conference is a professional learning conference for classified professionals focused on job and workplace skills, professional development, team building, equity and personal development. More 

loft faculty inquiry groups (FIGs)

Faculty members form their own Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs) and submit a proposal related to equity-infused course redesign. Once accepted faculty will more!

mesa teaching tree

There are awesome teaching ideas out there, but faculty often find it difficult to find teaching ideas and connect with colleagues. The FPLC has created this Teaching Tree to make it easier for Mesa College faculty to share and find good teaching ideas and resources. Welcome to the FPLC Teaching Tree!

mesa's online success team (MOST)

We are Mesa colleagues who are passionate about online teaching and learning, and we are excited about discovering new ways to engage students in successful online learning experiences. More

mesa loft online

Miss the LOFT? Mesa's hub for Online Professional Learning is Mesa LOFT Online! Here you will find the professional learning resources you need for, CanvasZoomVideo's, Professional Learning, the LOFT Badge program and more! 

ncore 2022

In realizing our goal to be the Leading College of Equity and Excellence and continuing in our commitment to serving our diverse student population, we will have we have a limited number of seats this unique year for employees to attend the 34th Annual National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) on May 31 - June 4, 2022. More

orientation for part time faculty

We’ve curated videos and resources from programs across campus to bring you an asynchronous version of the part-time faculty orientation. Part Time Faculty Orientation

loft badge program

Our LOFT Badge Program provides Mesa employees with focused skill-based fully-online learning experiences. More

about professional learning

Professional learning enables campus employees to develop the knowledge and skills to assist students to be successful in college and address students’ learning challenges. Effective professional learning enables teachers to improve their instruction, administrators to become better leaders, and staff to facilitate pathways toward student achievement.

Creating professional learning opportunities on diversity, learning styles, and innovative teaching techniques are important components in order for all campus employees to grow and develop in their profession.

Professional learning is most effective when it occurs in the context of our daily work.  When campus employees arrange professional learning into their work schedules and are given flexibility to allow time for professional training, then personal and professional growth are genuinely supported.


Campus Employee Learning supports the mission of San Diego Mesa College through coordination of a variety of professional learning opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators to experience and enjoy in their roles as lifelong learners and educators.

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