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A free screen-recording tool that lets you make videos of your computer screen while recording your voice.The free version puts a small watermark in the corner of the video and limits recordings to 15 minutes.This is a good thing! If you need more recording time, you can chunk your video into smaller clips by creating a Part 1, Part 2, etc.

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An online meeting tool that can also serve as a screencasting tool, recording your screen and audio simultaneously. ConferZoom offers cloud hosting and automatically generates captions that can be edited.

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A free browser-based video creation tool with a very quick learning curve. AdobeSpark feels similar to PowerPoint, allowing users to build one slide of audio/video at a time.

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Clips (iPhone or iPad)

Mobile app for iOS devices that transcribes your talking head videos and sends them to YouTube for sharing.

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Editing Videos

Screencast-o-matic, YouTube and Zoom allow for minimal video edits, mostly trimming the start and end of recordings.

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hosting videos


Your Canvas shells have limited storage space. Video files are large and should not be stored inside Canvas course shells. YouTube is an option for hosting your videos. If you have a Google or Gmail account, then you already have a YouTube account! It is the most popular video hosting site, and it generates automated captions that can be edited for improved accuracy. YouTube videos can be embedded or linked to from Canvas courses.

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Faculty also have the option of hosting video on the 3CMediaSolutions site, part of the TechConnect grant-funded project from CCC Chancellor's Office. With 3CMediaSolutions faculty can submit videos to be captioned externally. 3CMediaSolutions video can be embedded or linked to from Canvas courses.

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