Tool Box


The Office of Communications Toolbox is provided so that Programs and Departments can self-service, by creating their own graphics using pre-approved templates, find photos, download logos, get instructions to add events to the Campus Calendar, etc. 

Graphic items and instructions:

Sell-Service Promotional Templates 

  • The Office of Communications has provided graphics templates that can be used to promote classes and/or events.
  • Faculty and classified professionals, committees and officially recognized students clubs can create their own graphics using PowerPoint.
    • Using these templates and providing them with your Project Request can help expedite your request.
    • The templates can be used on Social media and Visix slides, as well as for printed flyers and posters.
    • When converted to a lower resolution jpeg, the graphics can be sent via email.
  • Please see the Instructions to use the Templates
  • Once your graphic is created, submit a Project Request, using the event, program, service or class title along with the term (i.e. Spring 2023) as the “Project Title.”
  • Attach your PPT graphic.
    • Once we receive, we can review, adjust (if needed) and approve.
    • Then we can post on the Mesa College social media and Visix.
  • Please note:
    • Clients can provide any pre-designed graphic for promotion, but the graphic must follow Mesa College Branding Guidelines.
    • If there are errors in the graphic when submitted, our office will return the graphic to you and promote once the errors are corrected.

Email, Social Media and Visix Templates

These templates are best for email and social media. Only these templates can be used with Visix screens.

PRINT Templates

These templates are not compatible with Visix screens.

Class Promotion Flyer Templates

Class Promotion Poster Templates


Event Promotion Flyer Templates


Event Promotion Poster Templates


Mesa Email Signature Logos

  • Veterans Logo
  • HSI
  • Mesa BLM Logo
  • Dreamers
  • Mesa Logo
  • Equity and Excellence
  • Mesa Affiliations Signature Line
  • Mea Pride - Inclusive Horizontal
  • Mesa Pride - Inclusive Vertical
  • Mesa Affiliations Signature Line
  • E3

Zoom Backgrounds

  • Latino/a/e Heritage Month 23
  • Earth Day
  • We Are Mesa
  • Mesa Pride 2021
  • Mesa
  • Dreamers
  • Mesa Alumni 2
  • Mesa Alumni
  • Dreamers Welcome
  • Flag Pole
  • LRC
  • G bldg
  • Student Services
  • CBT
  • Art Gallery
  • SBSB
  • Exercise Science
  • Math + Science
  • Athletics