2021 Strategic PlanningTaskforce

WELCOME TO THE Strategic planning taskforce

Mesa College Strategic Plan TaskForce Charge

Draft Charge (pending approval by PIEC)

The Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee charges the Strategic Plan Task Force to complete these tasks in Spring 2021:

  • Provide feedback on the section related to strategic planning in the Integrated Planning chapter of IPGG
  • Draft a template for the strategic plan for PIEC's feedback
  • Draft the strategic plan and present it for PIEC's feedback
  • Incorporate PIEC feedback and post the draft online for feedback
  • Incorporate feedback and present the final draft to PIEC

 Reports to: Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIEC) 

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm 


Bridget Herrin     Acting Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Danica Moore  Faculty, Chemistry 
Holly Jagielinski  Faculty, Health Information Management
Ian Duckles  Faculty, Philosophy
Larry Maxey  Dean, Student Success & Equity 
Leticia Lopez  Director, Title III HSI Stem Grant
Lorenze Legaspi  Vice President,  Administrative Services
Manuel Velez  Academic Senate, President 
Monica Romero  Acting Dean, Business & Technology
Sahar King  Classified, Institutional Effectiveness



Mesa College Strategic Plan: Roadmap to Mesa2030: 2021-2026

2019-2020 Institutional Planning & Governance Guide

Link to input form 


PIEC Action Plan: Roadmap to Mesa2030

2019-2020 Institutional Planning & Governance Guide