Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee


The Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIE) is a participatory governance committee that reports directly to President's Cabinet. 

PIE is designed to advance the overall planning for the College.

Following the sustainable continuous quality improvement model, PIEC is responsible for assuring that the College's planning framework is consistent with accreditation standards; for guiding the annual assessment of progress on stated goals, objectives and priorities and recommending changes as indicated; and for assuring the integration of planning across the campus.

PIE may establish sub-committees to carry out specific purpose and objective of the committee. These sub-committees will report directly back to the PIE Committee.


Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIEC) is the organizing and oversight body for Mesa College’s institutional planning processes and has the following responsibilities: 

  1. Monitor and support progress of campus wide initiatives, using data, to support a continued focus on equity and ensure alignment with ACCJC institution set standards and campus goals. 
  2. Communicate and meaningfully engage the campus community in institutional effectiveness efforts, governance structure updates, and short- and long-term planning cycles. 
  3. Support resource allocation processes that align with long- and short-term planning goals 
  4. Continuously evaluate the efficacy of current planning and assessment structures and engage in quality improvement to support the mission of the institution.  
  5. Make recommendations to President’s Cabinet on policies and practices related to institutional planning and effectiveness, including governance processes and outcome assessment. 
  6. Oversee the development and assessment of progress towards Mesa College’s long-term plan (Mesa2030) and strategic plan (Roadmap to Mesa2030) 
  7. Periodically review the Mesa College Integrated Planning process and update the Integrated Planning and Governance Guide as needed. 

Type: Governance

Reports to: President's Cabinet (PCAB)

Meets: Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, from 3:30pm to 4:30 pm at LRC 435  |  View Agendas & Minutes


Deliverables for 2023/2024


    • Support the development of our ISER
    • Provide feedback around the alignment of the Quality Focus Essay to the Roadmap and share it with the campus
2. Program Review/Outcomes
    • Coordinate the development of an integrated timeline to deploy Program Review and Outcome workspaces
    • Updated Committee Inventory (Fall and Spring)
    • Analyze governance survey results and make recommendations for Improvement
4. Roadmap Implementation
    • Gap analysis of Strategic Objectives that aren’t being supported by Units goals
    • Recommend an approved Climate Action Plan to President’s Cabinet
5.Update Integrated Planning Calendar

Membership 2023-2024

Hai Hoang Dean Institutional Effectiveness
Holly Jagielinski Faculty-Instruction 
Victoria Miller Dean of Student Affairs
Ryan Shumaker Dean of Exercise Science
  Andrew Hoffman  Academic Senate President (or designee) 
  Todd Curran Exercise Science 
  VACANT  Arts & Languages VACANT 
  Lisa Shapiro  Business & Technology
  VACANT  Social/Behavioral SBS VACANT 
  Paige Hu  Math & Natural Science 
  Scott Plambek Humanities 
  Holly Jagielinski* Health Science
  VACANT  Student Development VACANT 
  Jill Moreno Ikari Chairs 


Sahar Mona King  Classified Senate President (or designee) 
Vacant Classified Professional - Instruction  Vacant
Courtney Lee Classified Professional- Student Services
Vacant Classified Professional- Administrative  Vacant
Jade Bersamina
Larry Maxey  Student Services 
Lorenze Legaspi Administrative Services
Isabel O'Connor Instruction
Ashanti Hands  College President  
Alex Berry CTE 
Howard Eskew
Marisa Alioto
Pathways Consultants
Toni Parsons HSI Program
Michelle Rodriguez Sustainability
Leland Simpliciano  AANAPISI Programs 
Sahar Mona King  Admin Support IE office 



Additional Information

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