Crisis Response

What is a campus crisis?

  • Behavior that overtly threatens personal safety (e.g. physical altercations, threats with a weapon, suicidal gestures, etc.)
  • Behavior that engenders extreme fear for someone's personal safety (e.g. possession of a weapon on campus verbal threats with outburst of rage, expressions of suicidal ideation or intent)
  • Behavior that is unlawful (e.g. possession of illegal drugs on campus, theft, destruction of property) or counter to District Policies
  • Behavior that is so illogical or bizarre as to engender concern (e.g. mental health issues)

How to respond to a campus crisis

Call dispatch

  • (619) 388-6405 (in case of emergency, press the number "1" immediately)
  • (619) 388-6519 (TTY) Once connected to dispatch, stay on the phone until informed otherwise.
  • If in classroom, press Red Emergency Phone (phones are located on the wall)

What you can do until college police arrive

- DO

  • Remain calm
  • Secure the safety of self and others
  • De-escalate intensity of the situation (e.g. speak slowly in a lower volume, talk to student in safe, private area, state concern for students welfare, listen to concerns calmly without agreeing or disagreeing)
  • Provide a supportive environment
  • Seek help from counseling or administration

- Do Not

  • Confront/disagree with person in crisis
  • Meet with or transport student to an off campus location

What other resources are available to deal with the aftermath of a crisis?

  • Student Health Services: 619.388-2774, I4-209, Student Services Center 
  • For a person to talk to 24/7 or for community counseling referrals call SD Access and Crisis Line at (800) 479-3339
  • DSPS: 619.388-2780, I4-405, Student Services Center 
  • Student Affairs: 619.388-2699, I4-408, Student Services Center

When should you call 911?

  • Call 9-1-1 for life threatening medical emergencies
  • After you call 9-1-1, call campus dispatch at (619) 388-6405/ (619) 388-6519 (TTY)

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