Global Awareness Committee

Global Awareness

The Mesa College Global Awareness / International Education Committee works toward achieving the following goals through participatory governance:

  • To promote AWARENESS through discussion of the cultural components and celebrations present in our society. Main campus activities - International Education Week and promotion of the Global Competency Certificate in collaboration with the Honors Program
  • To enable the campus community to foster ANALYSIS and discussion of world languages, cultures, and societies. Main campus activity – Guest speaker series
  • To provide opportunities for INTERACTIONS or forums for “interrelations”. Main campus activities - Inter-institutional and inter-departmental collaborative learning projects
  • To advance UNDERSTANDING of the cultural diversity, knowledge of global issues, and the interconnectedness of cultures and nations through time. Main campus activities - faculty Flex activities, curriculum development, campus forums and presentations, and foreign language conferences
  • Help faculty and students EXCHANGE and actively participate in a global society by providing opportunities for cultural immersion experiences. Main campus activities – Promote study abroad programs, service-learning internships, and local /international partnerships

Study Abroad Programs

The Mesa College Global Awareness Committee reviews applications from faculty who wish to lead pilot study abroad programs.  Currently, there is a 1.06 FTEF set aside for two language instructors (two 5.0 units classes) and two non-language instructors (two 3.0 unit classes) to lead groups abroad. For more information, visit our Study Abroad website and click on "Faculty Forms," or speak with any faculty liaison on this committee for more information.

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