IAC Industry Members
Thank you for playing a valuable role in ensuring our students are trained with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by employers.
Want to share your experience and expertise with Mesa students?
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Industry Member Opportunities

Curriculum Content Advisement
  • Providing insight regarding curriculum and training needed from potential employers of our students
  • Advising on content (not teaching method)
  • Forecast trends in the field so that curriculum can be created to reflect these trends
  • Provide insight to be utilized within the local program review process
Career Guidance
  • Engaging in Work-Based Learning activities within the curriculum and outside the classroom. Helping design opportunities for students to gain career experience while enrolled. Sponsoring or assisting with Career events and job activities
  • Serving as a guest speakers regarding job opportunities and expectations of employers
  • Conducting mock interviews
  • Provide insights regarding internships and other work experience opportunities (mentoring, job shadowing, externships, apprenticeships)
... and so much more.
  • Provide insights and help establish standards regarding equipment and software purchases
  • Contribute to community/public relations for College and the career education program – boost enrollment
  • Enhancing professional development for career education faculty
  • May also provide financial, legislative, and moral support for the career education program

Committee Structure

Each advisory committee strives to reflect the composition of the community's business, industry, or government sectors. At San Diego Mesa College, the leading college of equity and excellence, we value the diverse experiences and backgrounds our IACs members can share with our students. Our IACs aim reflect the diversity our student body as well as in the communities employment options for our students.

We want to hear from:

  • Large, medium, and small employers
  • Members at various employment levels (executive management, middle management, supervisory, technicians, and labor representatives)
  • Public, private, and non-profit employers
  • Minority-owned and Veteran-owned businesses
  • The broad spectrum of types of employers that fall under our general Career Education programs.

Time Commitment

Each advisory committee has a unique schedule and pacing of meetings. Please see our Program page for calendar of meetings and contact information for your IAC.

Participation on an SDCCD Industry Advisory Committee is 100% voluntary. As a committee member, you are dedicating their time to convene as a group and to provide much needed guidance, advice, and insight.

Member Toolkit

Campus Resources
  • Job Board
  • Internships
  • Connect with our Work Based Learning Team
  • Connect with our Career Center