San Diego Mesa College Office of Instructional Services

Enrollment Management Taskforce

Scheduling Practices Review


Dr. Donna Budzynski, Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Tina Recalde, Dean of Health Sciences and Public Service
Leslie Shimazaki, Dean of Arts and Languages


Complete a review of our scheduling practices for the purpose of creating a more student-centered schedule that maximizes FTES and productivity. This will include exploring accounting methods, block schedules, GE patterns, modalities and other aspects of scheduling. 

Possible Action Items

  1. Accounting Method  
  2. General Education review by time blocks  
  3. Revise Block Schedule 
  4. Identify Bottlenecks/Pre-req and Co-reqiuisite impacts/Program Completion and curriculum revisions   
  5. Modality/Length of Term (days, nights, weekends, online, in-person....)