May 10, 2023

Mesa College honors former president with the naming of The Stand: The Pamela T. Luster Resource Center

Shining Light on Generosity Mesa College acknowledges Resiliency Fund donors

By Office of Communications

Shining Light, May 2023

San Diego, CA. — On Thursday, May 4, 2023, at the Shining Light on Generosity event, San Diego Mesa College debuted the naming of The Stand: The Pamela T. Luster Resource Center, in honor of former President Dr.  Pamela T. Luster. Additionally, the event served as an intimate gathering that honored and recognized multiple donors who helped the Mesa College Resiliency Fund become a reality.


In 2019, San Diego Mesa College and the Mesa College Foundation established the Resiliency Fund, and in 2021 launched an ambitious campaign to endow it. During a fundraising event in June of 2022 in honor of Dr. Luster’s retirement, the combined sponsorships and donations resulted in reaching the $300,000 goal for the endowment. 


“Thanks to Dr. Luster and our generous donors, Mesa College was able to meet our goal of providing a stable source of funds for students who face financial setbacks,” stated Mesa College President Dr. Ashanti T. Hands. “With the endowment of the Resiliency Fund, we now have the ability to focus on the students of today and tomorrow - well into the future.”


The Resiliency Fund provides students with emergency grants of between $50-$500 to assist them with textbooks, life expenses, transportation needs, food and other necessities. In 2019, the Hope Lab Community Colleges Real College Survey found that almost 50% of Mesa students are food insecure and have limited access to nutritionally adequate food, and nearly 1 in 5 students are homeless, living on the streets, in their car, or in a shelter. The Resiliency Fund helps provide financial assistance so that students can stay in school and focused on their educational dreams.


Mesa College proudly dedicated the Resource Center in honor of President Emeriti Dr. Pamela Luster. As a champion for basic needs, Dr. Luster’s vision of equity led to the creation of the Student Success and Equity Department, along with centers dedicated to serving basic needs, dreamers, foster youth, and veterans.


Visit the Mesa College Foundation Resiliency Fund webpage to learn more and donate.


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