March 9, 2023

San Diego Mesa College Student Wesley Renda Invents "WesCup" Available in over thirty 7/11 Stores this Spring

By Office of Communications

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San Diego Mesa College Student, Wesley Renda, has found a way to change the drinking game forever. He invented a cup called, “WesCup”, that is able to hold three drinks in one cup. The drinking cup allows consumers to enjoy three flavors of their favorite drink at one time. These cups are being sold at 30 stores in San Diego and is going into 7/11 this month.


He thought of this creative idea at the age of 11. Wesley was tired of having to finish a 48 ounce drink with just one flavor, saying that people could get bored with it.


Wesley talks about this when he mentions, “While on a long drive with his sister to Disneyland, drinking 3/4 of a large orange soda, I asked his uncle Tony, ‘How come no one has designed a cup where you could have three drinks in one cup instead of one big one?’”  


The WesCup has many features including clear plastic that showcases customer’s choices in drinks and safety for dishwashing. This cup is great in businesses such as airports, hotels, movie theaters, theme parks, and more.  Additionally, you can customize the cup and make it your own.


 “No need to down a drink and try to double fist the others so you don’t have to stand in long concession lines. Or force yourself to buy 48 ounces of one drink knowing that you will get sick of it by the time you get halfway done.”


Wesley is graduating from Mesa this spring at the age of 19. He has been a Mesa student since he was 16, as a dual-enrolled high school student. You can read more about WesCup at

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