December 6, 2022

San Diego Mesa College Providing Free Feminine Hygiene Products

By Office of Communications


As of December 2022, and over the next several months, Mesa College will be installing dispensers that will provide free feminine hygiene products in all women's and gender-neutral restrooms throughout the campus.


Mesa College will be installing approximately 50 dispensers, in over two dozen locations across campus. The first set of dispensers was installed in the Learning Resources Center (LRC)/Library, with the remaining dispensers scheduled for installation during December and early January 2023. About 20 devices from the company Aunt Flow were donated towards this effort. Mesa College also provides menstrual products at the Student Health Center and at The Stand Resource Center.


“I am excited that our District is going above and beyond in honoring the fact that access to menstrual products is a necessity and not a luxury,” shared Dr. Ashanti T. Hands, President of Mesa College. “This act and our efforts is what equity looks like in action.”


This project is being led by the San Diego Community College District in response to the Menstrual Equity for All Act (AB 367). This effort started an international movement to rectify the discriminatory taxation of menstrual products, which costs Californians born with a uterus over $20 million annually. The Act requires public schools with students in grades 6 to 12, community colleges, and the California State University System, to provide menstrual products. The legislation also eliminates taxes on the sale of menstrual products. The number of dispensers installed by the SDCCD will exceed the 50% rule required by the legislation. The District has been working to meet or exceed the deadline mandated by the state.


“Feminine hygiene products have always been and will continue to be available for free to all students and District employees at the health centers on our campuses,” stated Angelo Pellegrini, the Director of Facilities Services for the District.


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