September 27, 2017

Mesa College Tutoring and Computing Center Receives International Tutor Training Program Certification

By Office of Communications

Mesa College Tutor Group Retreat

The Mesa College Tutoring and Computing Center (MT2C) officially received their certification from the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) team. Nine Mesa tutors “graduated” on July 28, 2017 as the MT2C’s first CRLA Certified class of Mentor Tutors (Level 2 Advanced).

CRLA is an international organization that promotes exceptional standards and training for tutors through their ITTPC program. Their website mentions that initially the United States and Canada utilized this tutor training certification, but other countries like Australia, Greece, Japan, Morocco and the Republic of Korea have begun to take part in the certification program.

The program encourages teamwork between the faculty, staff, and tutors in the tutoring center by creating opportunities to apply critical thinking and creative redesign ideas to older programs through “goals” and “learning objectives”.

When asked what a major goal was, Mark Manasse, Instructional Learning Assistants Coordinator for the MT2C said, “We strive to be the model tutoring program in California, which means we will never be done improving. We will never be done trying to help more students.” He also shared one of their program mottos: “We don’t know yet, but let’s find out together."

The MT2C supports the philosophy that tutors and other learning assistance educators should feel empowered and like valued parts of the institution. As tutoring becomes more professionalized with higher standards, the students can expect improvements in the services being offered and a stronger campus wide culture of student success.

In addition to the CRLA certification, the MT2C also received commendation from ACCJC last year: The team commends the College’s tutoring services for its committed employees and collaborative team oriented environment that includes professionalized student tutors. (II.B.1,II.B.3)

The recognition the MT2C receives wouldn’t be possible without the tutors, especially two recent award receivers: Helena Almassy and Jose Franco Rojo. Congratulations to Almassy for receiving the 2016-2017 3CSN Learning Assistance Project California Tutor of the Year award and to Rojo for receiving the 2016-2017 Mesa College MT2C Bill Peters Tutor of the Year award.

To take advantage of tutoring at Mesa College visit MT2C webpage or contact the MT2C at 619-388-2966.

To learn more about the certification MT2C has received and the certification requirements, visit the ITTPC page on the CRLA website.

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