October 30, 2018

Mesa College Talked "Post-Truth" at Third Annual Teach-In

By Angela Garcia, Office of Communications

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This year for the Third Annual Teach-in event, San Diego Mesa College students, faculty and staff gathered to hear professors across multiple subjects present the topic of “Post-truth.”  In our digital age, the lines of truth and opinion often become blurred, making it difficult to discern truth. This has created a climate where there is a decreased value on truth and facts, and an increased value on opinion.

Each presentation addressed various contributors to the information we choose to accept or reject, and why. After each topic, students were able to engage in the discussion by asking questions to gain further insight. A common theme was the speakers’ challenge to students to think critically and engage conversation from multiple perspectives. That is how we learn truth in a “post-truth” era.

If you want to learn more about this event and future events, contact Professor of English, Joseph Safdie at

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