January 11, 2024

Mesa College Co-Hosted the 2023 Healthcare Career Symposium with the San Diego Unified School District to Empower Students

By Jennifer N. Kearns and Aaron Pischke Jr.

2023 Healthcare Career Symposium


The San Diego Mesa College Allied Health Department and San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), successfully co-hosted the Healthcare Career and Annual College Symposium at UCSD Park and Market on Thursday December 7th. This event was attended by over 300 high school students from across the county, providing them with valuable insights into various healthcare career pathways.


Mesa College played a vital role in the Symposium by hosting panel discussions on numerous healthcare pathways, including Health Information Management (HIM), Health Education and Information Technology (HEIT), Veterinary Technology (VET), and more. The symposium aimed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical healthcare careers, inspiring students to explore alternative roles beyond conventional healthcare roles. The Allied Health Department's active faculty’s participation allowed for an amazing presentation and interaction with high school students who are eager to pursue future healthcare pathways.


One noteworthy highlight was the involvement of Mesa’s dental students, who shared their unique career journeys and insights. Their presence added depth to the Symposium, offering a firsthand account of the diverse opportunities available within the healthcare sector.


The 2023 Healthcare Career and College Symposium, a collaborative effort between SDUSD and the Allied Health Department, underscores the commitment to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the myriad career paths within healthcare. This event has not only empowered students but has also strengthened the ties between academic institutions and the broader healthcare community.


Please visit Mesa College’s Academic and Career Pathways webpage to learn more about programs and careers in Allied Health.

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