December 14, 2017

San Diego Mesa College's Fashion Students Presented Science Inspired Designs

By Office of Communications

Midnight Stars gown with designer

On Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017 Mesa College hosted the Fashion Design and Discovery Showcase – Meet the Designers. The group of advanced fashion students initially presented their finished garments at the Fashion Showcase hosted by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies on Oct. 4, 2017.

Hosting the event on campus gave students and faculty an opportunity to see the gowns in person and to spark interest in learning about collaborative projects between disciplines and industries.

Tammie Pontsler, designer of “Sweet Lizzie” gown, shared about the process of ice dyeing; it’s similar to tie dyeing because of how the dye delivers the pattern onto the fabric due to the presence of the ice during the process – each panel of fabric resulted as a uniquely patterned piece for the garment’s skirt. Where some designers had large concepts for the overall garment, some students focused on the smaller details. Lina Mills, designer of “Precious Germs” gown, stated, “Each strand of beads on the bodice took over 10 minutes to make.”

This project required a great deal of preparation because of the decision making process about which materials to use, how to construct the fabrics to acquire the desired look, and the troubleshooting involved to make the garment look the way it had originally been envisioned. Christiann Moore, designer of “Midnight Stars” gown, disclosed it took almost two months to decide on the right material because of the texture she wanted, but also to figure out how to bring the different components of the garment together.

To learn more about the Fashion Program please contact Professor of Fashion, Susan Lazear at or visit Mesa’s Fashion Program page.

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