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Date Type Source Title Tags
February 28, 2023 Video youtube KTVT-DAL (CBS): Kids in Crisis: Feat. Mesa Professor, Dr. Inna Kanevsky

Social Media, Inna Kanevsky, Mental Health, Psychology, InTheNews

February 27, 2023 Article Teens turning to TikTok for mental health advice are self-diagnosing

Psychology, San Diego MEsa College, Inna Kanevsky, Mental Health, InTheNews

February 24, 2023 Video youtube KGTV-SD: San Diegans Mark One Year Anniversary of War in Ukraine (feat. Mesa Prof. Inna Kanevsky)

InTheNews, San Diego MEsa College, Inna Kanevsky, Psychology, ukraine

September 06, 2022 Article Borneo Bulletin Filling the healthcare gap

Inna Kanevsky, Mental Awareness, Mental Health, In The News

August 30, 2022 Article Net Cost Les videos de TikTok sur la sante mentale sont inexactes et irresponsables selon les experts

Inna Kanevsky, TikTok, Mental Health, Mental Awareness, In The News

August 30, 2022 Article 9 to 5mac TikTok mental health videos inaccurate and irresponsible, say experts

Mental Awareness, Inna Kanevsky, Mental Health, In The News

August 29, 2022 Article Washington Post Online creators are de facto therapists for millions. It's complicated.

Mental Health, Inna Kanevsky, In The News, Mental Awareness

March 30, 2022 Video youtube Pianist hopes to bring deeper awareness of Ukrainian culture through music at Mesa College event

Campus Events, In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Taras Filenko

March 30, 2022 Article KUSI NEWS Pianist hopes to bring deeper awareness of Ukrainian culture through music at Mesa College event

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Taras Filenko

February 21, 2022 Video youtube WZVN-FTM (ABC): Mesa College Psychology Professor Educates Followers on Social Media

Mesa Professors, Inna Kanevsky, Professor, In The News

February 21, 2022 Article ABC 7 More teens turning to social media to self-diagnose mental illnesses

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Professor

November 30, 2021 Article Patch SDCCD Fall 2021 Issue Of WE Magazine Available Online

Inna Kanevsky, In The News, Professor

October 13, 2021 Article Reportr Do Liars Have Hand Gestures? Marcos Supporter's Post Stirs Talk on Facts

In The News, Mesa Professors, Professor, Inna Kanevsky

October 13, 2021 Article 8List John Zalon, Inna Kavensky, and ‘Psychology Facts’: Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You See Online

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Professor

September 24, 2021 Article NBC News TikTok has new mental health resources for its users. Some experts say it's a good start.

Mesa Professors, Professor, Inna Kanevsky, In The News

September 16, 2021 Article Indian Express With wit and comedy, psychology professor debunks misinformation on TikTok

In The News, Inna Kanevsky, Professor, Mesa Professors

September 16, 2021 Article News18 Psychology Prof From California Who Debunks Myths On TikTok Is A Viral Sensation

Mesa Professors, Professor, In The News, Inna Kanevsky

June 04, 2021 Article Input Magazine Meet Dr. Inna, the psychology professor fact-checking TikTok

TikTok, Faculty, Mental Health, Psychology, Inna Kanevsky

March 31, 2021 Article msn Can You Diagnose Yourself With ADHD? Yes, But Should You?

ADHD, Inna Kanevsky, TikTok, Psychology, In The News, Mental Health, Faculty

March 10, 2021 Article Mashable On TikTok, mental health creators are confused for therapists. That's a serious problem.

In The News, Mental Health, TikTok, Faculty, Psychology, Inna Kanevsky