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San Diego Mesa College has compiled and listed photo albums, videos, and articles written by outside organizations for your use. Media resources are also displayed at the end of related articles in the newsroom under the additional information section. 


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The media resources database is maintained by the Office of Communications.  For questions, comments or to submit resources to be included please contact Jennifer Nichols Kearns, Director of Communications.  All resources submitted will be reviewed and vetted prior to posting.

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Date Type Source Title Tags
February 03, 2021 Article Times of San Diego 4,700 Left Republican Party in San Diego County in January. But Why?

Politics, Carl Luna, In The News, Faculty

February 02, 2021 Article LAist Can A Republican Be Governor Again In California? Kevin Faulconer Will Try To Carve Arnold-esque Path

Politics, Carl Luna, Kevin Faulconer, Faculty, In The News

January 24, 2021 Article San Diego Union Tribune How does a nation heal? One conversation at a time

Carl Luna, Institute for Civil Civic Engagement, Faculty, In The News, Politics

December 07, 2020 Article KPBS Midday Edition Special Keeping Our Democracy

Politics, Faculty, Carl Luna, Democracy, In The News

December 02, 2020 Article KPBS Wednesday Community Conversation Is About Threats To Our Democracy

Politics, Faculty, In The News, Carl Luna

October 30, 2020 Article Times of San Diego San Diego GOP, Democratic Chiefs 'Gave Me a Headache' on Civility Pledge

Politics, In The News, Carl Luna, trump

October 27, 2020 Article San Diego Union Tribune Republican Darrell Issa opens up lead over Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar in latest poll

Political Science, Carl Luna, Congress, Politics, In The News

September 20, 2020 Article SD Union Tribune Vaus and Anderson fight for political middle in San Diego County's District 2 contest

Politics, Faculty, In The News, Carl Luna

September 08, 2020 Article SD Union Tribune 50th District race is ‘anyone’s guess’ as Issa, Campa-Najjar in statistical dead heat in new poll

In The News, Carl Luna, Politics, Faculty

August 26, 2020 Article IVN San Diego In San Diego Blue Wave, GOP and Independents May Not Ride

Politics, Carl Luna, In The News, Faculty

August 17, 2020 Article kpbs Democratic National Convention Preview And A New Vision For Transportation In San Diego

Faculty, Carl Luna, In The News, Democratic National Convention, Politics

August 17, 2020 Article facebook 5 Questions Ahead Of The Democratic National Convention

Carl Luna, Politics, In The News, Faculty, Democratic National Convention

August 11, 2020 Article San Diego Union Tribune Kamala Harris pick was met with local excitement, scorn, uncertainty

Carl Luna, Faculty, Kamala Harris, In The News, Political Science

August 03, 2020 Article Times of San Diego In Unsolicited Nod, Barack Obama Endorses Campa-Najjar for Congress in CA50

Barack Obama, In The News, Politics, Carl Luna, Faculty

June 06, 2020 Article Washington Post Issa wants a return engagement in Congress and GOP leaning California seat could be his ticket

In The News, Faculty, Carl Luna, Politics

June 06, 2020 Article The Hour Former congressman Issa seeks return to House

In The News, Darrell Issa, Carl Luna, Faculty, Politics

May 08, 2020 Article Times of San Diego How San Diego GOP, Democratic Chairs Differ on COVID-19 Reactions

In The News, COVID-19, Carl Luna, Politics

April 30, 2020 Article Times of San Diego Protest Organizer Cites 2nd Amendment in 'Free Encinitas' Facebook Post

Politics, coronavirus, COVID-19, In The News, Faculty, Carl Luna

April 19, 2020 Article The San Diego Union Tribune San Diego mayor's nonprofit a prime beneficiary of political donors' largesse

coronavirus, In The News, Kevin Faulconer, Carl Luna, Faculty, Politics

February 28, 2020 Article Missoula Current Fox News poll puts Sanders over Biden and Trump

Politics, Faculty, In The News, Carl Luna

February 09, 2020 Article SD Union Tribune In the race for California's 50th Congressional District Trump has become the defining factor

Faculty, Politics, In The News, Carl Luna

April 16, 2019 Article KPBS San Diego Community Leaders Call For Revival In Civics Education

In The News, Carl Luna, Restoring Respect Conference, Political Science

April 12, 2017 Article University of San Diego Newscenter April 18-19 Conference Seeks to Restore Civility to Civic Dialogue

In The News, Faculty and Staff, Carl Luna

April 04, 2017 Article unionTribune SoccerCity headed toward fall ballot MLS will wait

Carl Luna, Faculty and Staff, In The News

March 31, 2017 Article San Diego Metro Magazine Restoring Civility to Civic Dialogue Conference Returns April 18 19 at USD

Carl Luna, In The News, Political Science, Faculty and Staff

March 30, 2017 Article Times of San Diego KPBS Mostly Quiet on Federal Cuts Wont Cry Wolf

Political Science, Faculty and Staff, Carl Luna, In The News

March 27, 2017 Article KPBS The Political Fallout Of The Failed GOP Health Care Bill

Political Science, In The News, Carl Luna, Faculty and Staff