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San Diego Mesa College has compiled and listed photo albums, videos, and articles written by outside organizations for your use. Media resources are also displayed at the end of related articles in the newsroom under the additional information section. 


The media resources be filtered by tag or using search. Use the filter to find all resources under a specific tag. Once a tag has been selected the list of tags will show only tags related to the current selection. Use search to find media resources by type, source, title or date. To search by month you must spell it completely out. By clicking the reset button it will clear all selected filters and search.

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Media resources can be sorted by any column heading including date, type, and source. Simply click on the header sort by that column. By default the media resources list is sorted by date with the most recent addition first.

About the database

The media resources database is maintained by the Office of Communications.  For questions, comments or to submit resources to be included please contact Jennifer Nichols Kearns, Director of Communications.  All resources submitted will be reviewed and vetted prior to posting.

Search Bachelor's Degree

Date Type Source Title Tags
May 07, 2021 Article Inside Higher Education Two-Year Institutions, Four-Year Degrees

In The News, Bachelor's Degree, Four-year Degree

April 08, 2020 Article SDMetro Daily Business Report - April 8, 2020

Bachelor's Degree, coronavirus, In The News

January 28, 2019 Article San Diego Metro Mesa College's Health Information Management Bachelor's Degree Program gets accreditation

Health Information Management, Bachelor's Degree, In The News

May 19, 2018 Article Times of San Diego Mesa College to Award First Bachelors Degrees

Health Information Management, Bachelor's Degree, San Diego Promise, In The News

May 18, 2018 Article KPBS First Students To Earn Bachelors Degrees At Mesa College Graduate This Weekend

Bachelor's Degree, Health Information Management, KPBS, In The News

April 26, 2018 Article The PEW Charitable Trusts More Community Colleges Are Offering Bachelor’s Degrees — And Four-Year Universities Aren’t Happy About It

Baccalaureate, Academic Programs, Bachelor's Degree, In The News

December 28, 2017 Article KPBS California Community Colleges To Hand Out First Bachelor's Degrees Next Year

Baccalaureate, Allied Health, HIM, Bachelor's Degree, Health Information Management, In The News

June 02, 2017 Article San Diego Metro State Senate Approves Bill Expanding Community College Baccalaureate Pilot Program

Health Information Management, In The News, 4-year degree, HIM, Bachelor's Degree, Baccalaureate

February 22, 2017 Article Diverse Issues in Higher Education California Looks to Add More Four year Degree Programs to Community Colleges

Health Information Management, Baccalaureate, Bachelor's Degree, In The News

October 04, 2016 Video youtube Health Information Management Baccalaureate Program

Bachelor's Degree, Health Information Management, Baccalaureate, HIM

August 24, 2016 Photo flickr 2016 HIM Juniors

Health Information Management, Bachelor's Degree, 4-year degree, HIM

August 22, 2016 Article KPBS San Diego Community Colleges Bounce Back From Recession-Era Cuts

Mesa Commons, In The News, welcome week, The Commons, Bachelor's Degree

December 03, 2015 Article unionTribune Block presents baccalaureate funding

Health Information Management, 4-year degree, In The News, Bachelor's Degree

August 26, 2015 Article KPBS 4-Year Degree Pilot Program Underway At San Diego Mesa College

In The News, Bachelor's Degree, 4-year degree, Health Information Management

August 25, 2015 Photo flickr 2015 First HIM Cohort

Bachelor's Degree, HIM, 4-year degree, Health Information Management, Baccalaureate

August 25, 2015 Photo facebook First Health Information Management Bachelors Degree Cohort 2015

Bachelor's Degree, Baccalaureate, HIM, Health Information Management, 4-year degree