After you have successfully completed the admissions process, the next step is to review the Online New Student Orientation located at http://mesa.studentpathway.com/mesa/ which offers a thorough orientation to San Diego Mesa College's programs, services, and facilities.

The orientation will take approximately ninety minutes to complete after which you will be able to take your placement tests. Please note, in order to get credit for completing the orientation, you will need to log in with your student ID number and complete all sections of the four required modules.

When you have finished the orientation, print the completion screen that includes your name, student ID number, and the date of completion. Submit this form to the Testing Office staff in order to begin the assessment of your English and/or Math skills.  Note that students are required to bring this print out with them to the Testing Office in order to take the placement test.

This Orientation will remain available to students for follow-up visits and reference.

Upon completion of the assessment(s), students will be referred to an online first semester planning workshop at http://goo.gl/mzbc

For more information, check out the New Student Welcome page at http://www.sdmesa.edu/new-student/