The Online Orientation is available to students who wish to complete the orientation component of the matriculation process. This orientation takes approximately fifteen to thirty minutes after which students will be able to take their scheduled placement tests. Note that students are required to bring the completed Orientation Learning Outcomes form in order to take the placement test.

This Orientation will remain available to students for follow-up visits and reference. You may request an information card from the Testing Clerk. It contains your username, password and orientation website address for follow-up visits to the site.

At the end of the orientation, print the Orientation Learning Outcomes Form. Once you have finished the orientation, submit this form to the Testing Office staff in order to begin the assessment of your English and/or Math skills. Upon completion of the assessment(s), students will be referred to an online first semester planning workshop at http://goo.gl/mzbc

URL: https://sdccd.blackboard.com/
Username: mesastudent
Password: mesastudent