Campus Clubs

Spring 2015 Club Information

INTERESTED IN CREATING, RE-ACTIVATING AND/OR REGISTERING YOUR CLUB? The following documents will provide you with all of the information needed to complete the process. Packets are due at the beginning of each semester. Be sure to check back for important deadline dates.

        - Club Registration Documents (Spring 2015)

NEED ACCESS TO RESOURCES FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION/CLUB? The following documents include important information and forms that will assist you in being an effective club.

For more information stop by the Dean of Student Affairs Office located in I4-408 or give us a call at 619.388.2699.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations provide a rich and exciting multi-cultural dimension to college life at Mesa. Below is the list of Spring 2015 clubs along with the names of their advisor(s). Faculty and classified staff advisors serve on a voluntary basis and are approved by the College President each semester. Call the Student Affairs Office for more information about clubs and meeting times.

Associated Student Government – The Associated Student Government (ASG) is the representative body of the students in the shared governance process at Mesa College. We are fellow students whom have been elected or appointed to positions with the ASG. The ASG provides students with practical leadership experience in the areas of budget/financial planning, parliamentary procedures, and in the development of programs and services which are designed to meet student needs. The student leaders and the staff of the Student Affairs Office encourage you to get involved and take part in the many leadership opportunities available at Mesa College. Advisor: Ashanti Hands, Dean of Student Affairs

Bahai Club - Promotes the ideals of the Bahai faith and increases the awareness of people about the necessity of unity of mankind by promoting the elimination of all prejudices, as well as promoting the principle of equal rights, opportunities and privileges for men and women. The club also advocates for the protection of the environment. Advisor: Professor Bruce Naschak, English

Bhakti Yoga Lounge - An extension of a local community organization, their aim is to provide Mesa College students with opportunities to experience and practice Yoga on campus. Advisor: Professor Neil Bhatia, LRC Staff

Black Student Union - Encourages and creates a support structure for a more positive awareness of the Black History, Unity, and Racial Harmony by presenting activities and current events to assist the Black Student in achieving personal and academic goals. Advisor: Professors Thekima Mayasa, Black Studies

Chinese Culture Club - Founded to support the cultural integration of Chinese students, as well as promote the intricacies and beauty of Chinese culture to the Mesa College campus community. Advisor: Professor Shannon Shi, Chinese

Communication Studies Club - Founded primarily to assist its members with Mesa College Communication Studies courses and topics. Advisor: Professor Bonnie Rosecliffe, English

Dream Big - Members of this club recognize that the best marketing results are achieved when like-minded individuals work together, and pledge to pursue this noble goal at San Diego Mesa College. Advisor: Michael Temple, Counseling Faculty

Fashion Club - The purpose of the organization is to provide education and extracurricular activities in the area of fashion that complement and extend beyond what can be covered in the classroom. Advisors: Professor Susan Lazear, Fashion Design Program

French Club - Reinstated by students to inspire interest in both the French language and French culture. Advisor: Professor Donna Duchow, English

Gay-Straight Alliance - The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club that brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia. Advisor: Professor Michael Harrison, Spanish, and Katie Holton, Speech

Inter-Club Council (ICC) - Created to support the functions of the active clubs, and inform the ASG on matters which directly or indirectly affect the functions of the ICC. Also, to establish and maintain communication among all active clubs on campus and to actively promote the creation of new clubs. The ICC also provides guidance and resources for prospective clubs. Advisor: Courtney Lee, Senior Student Services Assistant

International Students Club (ISC) - Founded to provide a further avenue for educational experience at Mesa College through attendance of meetings and presentation of club-sponsored events, this group also seeks to provide a forum for social and cultural interaction between students of diverse backgrounds. Advisors: Leroy Johnson, Transfer Center Coordinator

Mesa Anthropology Club - Founded primarily to assist its members with Mesa College Communication Studies courses and topics. Advisor: Professor Jennifer Sime, Anthropology

Mesa College Filmmaker’s Club - First: To allow members the opportunity to produce student-level motion pictures created by, filmed by and overseen by Mesa College students and faculty members. Second: To produce motion picture content worthy of representing San Diego Mesa College, whether for competition, for advertising, or for strictly educational and artistic purposes. The Mesa College Filmmaker’s Club aims to produce one student film per club year eligible for entry into an official student film festival for competition. Advisor: Joseph Safdie, English

Mesa College Gamer's Legion - The Gamer's Legion was founded to support and encourage Mesa College's expansive population of gamers, not just through organization, but also by promoting games and game design, as well as supporting the adoption of a potential Game Design degree program through Mesa College. Advisors: Professor Georgia Laris, Art, and Courtney Lee, Senior Student Services Assistant

Mesa College Improv Team - This organization will have its focus on the production and performance of improvisational activities in order to foster enriching performing arts experiences for the students, faculty and staff of San Diego Mesa College. The Improv Team is publically known as "Not Your Third Grade Teacher." Advisor: Professor George Ye, Drama

Mesa Honors Club - Seeks to create a community of motivated Mesa College Students seeking to utilize the benefits of networking and augmenting personal resumes. Most importantly, to significantly increase members' preparedness and chance of admission to any university. Advisors: Professors Wendy Smith, English

Mesa Interior Design Club - The Interior Design Club is comprised of the Student Chapter of ASID and the Student Chapter of NKBA. The club's mission is to involve, educate, and inform the students of the benefits of the professional organizations by providing extra-curricular educational programs, community service, networking, and career development activities related to the practice of Interior Design. Advisor: Professor Holly Hodnick, Interior Design Program in the Department of Architecture & Environmental Design

Mesa Robotic Organization (MRO) - The mission of the Club is to inspire and motivate curiosity, critical thinking, and generosity of both mind and spirit at Mesa College campus and the community at large. Advisor: Professor Walter Duane Wesley, Computer Science, and Professor Rick Cassoni, CISC

Muslim Student Association - The aim and purpose of the Association is to serve the best interest of Islam and the Muslims of San Diego Mesa College. The Association shall promote unity and joint action among both Muslims and non-Muslims; as well as conduct social, cultural, religious and other activities in the best traditions of Islam. Advisor: Elizabeth Hueneberg, Speech

Nutrition & Dietetics Club - This organization was founded to provide its members with the space and means to develop skills and knowledge pertaining to the nutritional health field, while serving the campus and local community through nutrition education, advocacy, and related philanthropic efforts. Advisor: Elizabeth Chu

Phi Theta Kappa - the oldest, largest, most prestigious society representing community college students. Phi Theta Kappa seeks to foster campus and community involvement, lifelong friendships, and provides unmatched transfer and scholarship opportunities. Email for info or contact one of the PTK Advisors: Elizabeth Hueneberg, Chapter Advisor (, Dr. Leticia Lopez, Chapter Co-Advisor (, and Brandon Terrell, Chapter Co-Advisor (

Pre-Health AMSA Chapter - Now associated with AMSA, the purpose is to inform members about the art and science of medicine and pharmacy, as well as to inform members about the opportunities available to them in San Diego. Encourage Pre Med/Pharm students to help each other achieve our common goals. Participate in Seminars, activities, field trips and information session that will enlighten our paths. Increase awareness about the varying paths to medical/pharmacy schools, network with other pre health/med/pharm students and support each member financially / emotionally / academically in any way possible. Advisor: Professor Farshid Zand, Chemistry

PSI Beta - A national Psychology Honor Society. Encourages and supports academic achievement and service. Members are required to have completed 12 semester units and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Advisor: Professor Jay Van Kirk, Psychology

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (S.H.P.E.) - A group dedicated to the support of students pursuing careers in the field of engineering. Advisor: Professor Morteza Mohssenzadeh, Engineering

SAACS Chemistry Club - The Chemistry Club at Mesa College is also a chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemistry Society, with the general goal of promoting the study of chemistry and providing support to its members as they explore this greatly varied topic. Advisor: Professor Dwayne Gergens, Chemistry

San Diego Mesa Japan Club - The club shall endeavor to inspire an interest in students to learn about the Japanese culture and to get involved in local Japanese cultural events in the San Diego area. In pursuit of these goals, the club proposes to sponsor and facilitate activities and programs designed to enrich the cultural experience of all San Diego Mesa College students. Advisor: Professor Miyoko Hamanaka-Holden, Languages

Spanish Club - A student-centered forum in which students will have the opportunity to practice the language in an informal, non-monitored situation and, at the same time, get familiar with different aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Some typical activities for the Spanish club are the following: Movies and documentaries in Spanish, Tertulias (students get together to meet others and practice the language), Cultural Presentations, Exhibitions, Trips, Celebrations of important dates and festivities, Food (preparation and/or degustation), Dancing. Advisor: Professor Dora Schoenbrun-Fernandez, Languages

STAR Club - The purpose of the STAR club will be to provide opportunities for leadership and to help encourage student participation in extra-circular activities. Advisors: Marichu Magana and Thuan Le, STAR Program

Student Veterans Organization - The collective known as the San Diego Mesa College Student Veterans Organization is intended to be used as a mechanism for sharing information and experience with fellow veterans of the United States Armed Forces. The Organization will facilitate dialogue and the open exchange of information to better support the ever growing population of student veterans who are pursuing higher education at Mesa College and beyond. Advisor: Professor Evan Adelson, Asst. Chair of Behavioral Sciece

TerraMEsa - A new group founded with the intention to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability specifically at Mesa College's Campus. Advisor: Professor Waverly Ray, Geography

Tomiki Aikido Club - Tomiki Aikido, also known as Shodokan Aikido, is a style of Aikido that was founded in the later 1960's by Kenji Tomiki. Aikido as a whole is a synthesis of martial arts, philosophy and religious belief,  with then ultimate goal of creating an art that could be used for defense while also protecting the attacker from injury. Indeed, a chief concern for practitioners of any Aikido style is the well-being of the attacker. Advisor: Andrew MacNeill, Dean of Humanities


ASG meetings are held on Wednesday's from 12:45 pm until 1:45 pm in room I4-409 A/B.

I.C.C. meetings are held on Fridays at 10:00am in I4-409 A/B.

Please keep these times open and become part of your Student Government. We need leaders, planners, recorders, and student representatives. We offer experience in student governance and opportunities for you to express your ideas.

Members of the ASG can be located in I4-409. The office number is 619-388-2903. While we try to be open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm., please keep in mind, that like you, we are students first and our education is the highest priority. If you stop by and our gate is closed, please stop by next door at Student Affairs (I4-408) and they will be happy to assist you.