Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How were students informed about the fee increase and how will it impact them?
A. The following communication was distributed to students:

  • Placed information on Student Web Services
  • Sent out multiple e-mail blasts to students
  • Mailers were sent to students if e-mail was invalid or no e-mail
  • Distributed posters on campus
  • Identified and contacted students who registered but needed to reconcile their fee

Students will be dropped on August 14th if they have not paid; the fee increase does not impact students receiving a BOG waiver.
Contact: Ivonne Alvarez (2689) or Gilda Maldanado (2817)

Q. Why were students limited to 16 units?
A. With the significant reduction in sections, we needed to identify strategies that would increase access for all students. According to district research, 70% of students who enroll in more than 16 units drop by census.
Contact: VPI Office (2755) for course information and Admissions (2689) for enrollment information

Q. Why are we not approving late adds?
A. State regulations require that students add before census. In addition, students need to be enrolled for liability reasons. Strictly enforcing state regulations is intended to provide as much access to classes as possible for all students.
Contact: Admissions (2689)

Q. What payment options do students have?
A. The following students are eligible for a fee deferment: Financial Aid students with extenuating circumstances and the appropriate recommendation from the Financial Aid Office; veterans with the appropriate recommendation from the Veterans and Records Office; and students receiving benefits/scholarships from a third-party agency (rehabilitation, military, private scholarships, Bureau of Indian Affairs, etc.). Students must pay 50% down.
Contact: Financial Aid (2817)

Q. I can't get my classes, what are my options?
A. Students who attempt to register in a class that is closed may select the option to have his/her name placed on a wait list. Students are also encouraged to create alternative schedules.
Contact: VPI Office (2755) or appropriate Dean's Office

Q. Do I have to pay the health fee?
A. All students must pay the health fee ($17). If they fail to do so, they will be dropped from their classes.
Contact: Student Health Services (2774)

Q. I'm a returning veteran. How do I get help?
A. Please refer students to the Veteran Affairs Office (2805) in I-400. If a student is interested in participating in the Heroes to Healthcare Program, they should contact Art Boyd (2991).

Q. I'm an AB540 student. How do I get help?
A. A student who has attended high school in California for 3 or more years or has graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent and and is an alien without lawful immigration status must go to the Admissions Office to meet with the Residency staff and do the following:

  • Complete an AB 540 Student Affidavit for Exemption from Non Resident Tuition Form
  • Submit: A copy of their high school transcript showing 3 years of attendance and graduation status or proof of GED if they did not graduate

Once a student has provided the requested information, residency staff officially codes the student as an AB 540 student which waives the nonresident tuition. The student is advised that financial aid is not available to them when they identify themselves as an AB 540 student.
Contact: Admissions (2689)

Q. The budget cuts are affecting me. What can I do?
A. Contact your elected officials.