Who is Eligible

DSPS provides services to any enrolled Mesa College students who have a disability which affects their academic performance.

Students with either permanent or temporary disabilities are eligible. Decisions regarding the exact accommodations to be provided are made on an individualized basis by the counselor in consultation with the student.

Disability groups currently receiving services at Mesa college are listed below. Click on the specific disability group listing for more detailed information regarding eligibility standards. A more detailed summary and description of the disability groups supported by DSPS is also available as an Adobe PDF download.

Each disability group has different eligibility standards. Student's applying for DSPS services are responsible for providing the specified documentation.

After consultation with a DSPS counselor, students may be requested to submit "additional" documentation that will assist in clarifying the most appropriate services and accommodations. To view the documentation required for each disability, click on the appropriate category listed above.

Documentation should be marked "Confidential" and directed to: San Diego Mesa College Disability Support Programs and Services 7250 Mesa College Drive, Rm I4-405 San Diego, CA 92111-4998

All disability related information is provided by students and is kept strictly confidential. This information is accessible to DSPS counselors only.