The main mission of the Mesa Academy is to "raise the aspirations" of African American students, expanding their sense of possible future alternatives and opportunities and their own capabilities. Additionally, the Academy promotes quality services and programs related to the recruitment, retention, progression and graduation of African American students at Mesa College by advocating for academic success, degree or certificate attainment or transfer to a four-year institution, cultural awareness and co-curricular involvement.

The program addresses three areas of learning: curriculum, academic research, civic and community engagement. Moreover, part of its mission is to extend learning from the classroom to academic research, service learning and community outreach.


Our vision is to prepare students with the necessary knowledge and tools to be effective contributors to society.


The Mesa Academy is a retention program created to provide primarily African American and all students with an equitable education, equitable career and counseling services. Furthermore, the purpose is to function as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of learning and information to African American students. The specific focus of this program shall be the implementation of the following goals which the Mesa Academy shall also encourage individual African American students and organizations to:

  1. Advocate for the re-education of African American students about their heritage in order to promote and uplift Afro-centric consciousness;
  2. Promote the academic, professional and cultural development of African American students;
  3. Identify and address the needs and concerns of Africa American students through unity of action and effective communication;
  4. To promote the academic development, professional interest and fellowship in Mesa College;
  5. To promote outreach activities to high schools, as well as to communities;
  6. To teach students the skills of learning how to learn;
  7. To promote the development of new resources technologies for learning;
  8. To promote cultural, artistic, musical and others activities related to Africa; and
  9. To promote cutting-edge research opportunities on Africa for students in the humanities, languages, arts, and social sciences.
  1. Create opportunities for students to conduct research relative to African American heritage;
  2. Develop an outreach plan for Mesa Academy;
  3. Establish a list of services provided in the program;
  4. Provides opportunities for students to conduct research;
  5. Provide opportunities for students to utilize technology for research responsibilities;
  6. Teach the Academy course using Experiential Learning philosophy;
  7. Offer cultural, artistic, musical and other activities to enhance students expanded learning and aesthetics interest;

The program emphasizes "Friendship, Academics, Culture, Excellence, Success," (FACES) for students. It implies that administration, faculty and staff provide college wide services and support programming that sets the foundation for academic success, cultural enrichment, racial awareness, ethnicity, diversity, leadership training organizational development and institutional resources.

PROGRAM OUTCOMES (Students will be able to):

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills within the context of utilizing advising and counseling information to accomplish educational goals;
  2. Will articulate the relationship between health and wellness and accomplishing goals and life-long learning;
  3. Demonstrate the ability for self-advocacy (take control) regarding their education based on reading, writing, and listening to information provided in the counseling program;
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and knowledge specific to their chosen career;
  5. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and practice sensitivity to other cultural groups in the educational setting and society;
  6. Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and recommend a variety of alternatives for achieving educational goals; and
  7. Conduct data gathering to assess and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Mesa Academy goals and objectives.