Printing Instructions

Printing/Photocopying in the LRC

The Mesa LRC uses a print card system to make computer printouts or photocopies. There are two types of print cards.

1. Student ID Card

You can add money to your student ID card at the Add Value Stations in the Reference area on the 1st floor or outside of the computer lab on the 4th floor.

2. Blue Print Card

You can purchase a print card at the LRC Café for $1 (50 cents for the card and 50 cents for copies). You can add money to the print card at any of the Add Value Stations on floors 1 and 4 of the LRC.

3. For Printing

From any LRC computer, click on "Print" to send your document to the printer, enter your card number (CSID or number or blue card), swipe your card at the printer to retrieve your document.

4. For Photocopying

Swipe your card at the copy machine, make your copies, press "Done" on the card swiper when finished.

NOTE: Add Value Stations take bills only ($1, $5, $10, or $20) and do not give change. The LRC Café will break large bills if needed. There is an ATM located next to the café.

There is one photocopy machine in the Reference area on the first floor that accepts cash (coins or $1 bills).

Print/Copy Costs

Black and white photocopies and computer printouts are 10 cents each. Color printouts are available on the 4th floor and cost 50 cents each. Color copies can be scanned and printed in the computer lab on the 4th floor. For posters and oversize copies, ask for help at the Audiovisual desk in the back of the 4th floor. (Prices vary)

Print cards from Miramar or City College cannot be used at Mesa.