Food and Drink Regulations

Effective: January 29, 2007

To protect the materials and equipment in the LRC from damage, the following procedures must be followed by all patrons:

  • Drinks are allowed throughout the building, but are limited to those in closed containers such as covered cups, plastic soda containers, or water bottles.
  • Food consumption is limited to the first floor only in the LRC Cafe Commons area.
  • Where food is allowed, it must be purchased in the LRC Cafe or similar to the food that is sold in the cafe. Only light snacks are permitted.
  • The following items are examples of food that is not permitted:
    - Food that has a smell that carries
    - Fast food such as hamburgers or tacos
    - Pizza
    - Messy food that is greasy or leaves a lot of crumbs
  • Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves and must discard trash in appropriate containers.
  • Notify staff immediately of any liquid spills in any area of the LRC. The sooner it is cleaned up, the less likely there will be damage to the carpet or upholstery
  • Patrons who disregard the above procedures will be asked to leave the LRC.

Prior to 2007, no food or drink was allowed in any public area of the LRC. We have made these changes to make your study time in the building as comfortable as possible; but, we need your cooperation to make this work. If there is serious damage to the books or equipment, we will have to return to the original policy.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!