Educational Planning

8 Steps to Enrollment and Educational Planning

Step 1:Apply online or in person at the Admissions office (I4-102)

Step 2: Request previous college transcripts, Advanced Placement exams (AP) (score of 3 or higher) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits, or CLEP or Dantes to our district office:


San Diego Community College District

Records Office

3375 Camino del Rio South

San Diego, Ca 92108-3883

Step 3: Orientation Session. You will receive a thorough orientation to Mesa College's programs, services and facilities through the online orientation., username = mesastudent, password = mesastudent

Step 4: Assessment. For the English and math assessments, please contact the Testing Office at 619-388-2718 or for sample tests, hours of operation and testing procedures.

Assessment is required for: 1st time college students

Not required for: Students who have completed an English and Math course at previous colleges (grade of "C" or better) or who have assessment results from a previous California Community College, or passed the Advanced Placement English and math exams (with a score of 3 or higher) or met minimum test scores on any of the following tests: SAT, ACT, EAP, EPT or ELM. Minimum scores are indicated in the Mesa Catalog under the "Admissions and Regulations" section of the catalog.

Step 5:Transcript Request Form. This is very important! Call or come into the Counseling Department (619-388-2672) or Evaluations (619-388-2680) to see if your transcripts have arrived at the district. If yes, ask to fill out a transcript request form based on your educational objective. On average, the evaluation process will take about 3-4 plus weeks. You will be notified by Evaluations once your transcript is evaluated.

Step 6:Contact the head or recruiting coach of the sport(s) you are interested in competing in. The contact list for all sports is on the Mesa website under the Athletics link. athletics/

Step 7: Make an appointment to see the Athletic Counselor

All NEW student-athletes need to have an educational plan on file by Oct. 15th (fall sports only) and March 1st (for spring sports only).

How do I make an appointment to see the Athletic (MAAP) Counselor?

1. Call Counseling (619-388-2672) or go to the Counseling Department (I4-303) to schedule the MAAP appointment with one of the Counseling staff members.

2. You may book an appointment 1-7 days in advance.

3. In order to book a 1 hour appointment you must meet the following criteria

  • Must file an application to our college and have a valid student ID number
  • Taken the English and math assessment or have met this requirement in another way. Refer to the Mesa catalog for more information on this.
  • All post high-school transcripts and Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores must be on file and evaluated.
  • Be currently enrolled

4. Please report to Counseling on the day of your appointment on time and with a picture ID. If you do not have a picture ID or are more than 15 minutes late you will need to reschedule. You may always call General Counseling if you are going to be a litte late or if you cannot make your appointment but please do so in ADVANCE.

5. If you do not show for your appointment, your coach will be notified.

6. If the counselor is unable to see you for any reason you will be able to reschedule if appointments are available for the following week.

NOTE: Appointments are made for a week in advance. If you need to see the MAAP Counselor sooner, please stop by the Counseling Department and see if the MAAP counselor is available on a drop-in basis (first come first serve). If not, please see another counselor on a drop-in basis and you can always follow-up with the MAAP Counselor at a later date if needed.

Step 8:Enroll for classes on your registration date using Reg-e.

Course Suggestions for your First Semester:

1) English: Based on assessment or previous college course work (3 units)

2) Math: Based on assessment or previous college course work (3-5 units)

3) Personal Growth 120 or 130 or 140 (3 units) see catalog for course descriptions or a General Education Course

4) General Education Course: Refer to the IGETC or CSU or AA General Education patterns below for course options.

5) Intercollegiate Course: (i.e. PHYE 222) (2 units)

6) Physical Education Supplemental Courses: Discuss with your Coach first or MAAP Counselor. These courses may consist of a professional activity course, a weight training class, fitness activities etc....) (.5-2 units each)

Step 9:Pay for your classes and the student health fee by the stated deadline. You can pay online or go to Mesa's Accounting Office (619-388-2704). If you do not pay on time, all classes will be dropped and you will need to re-register.

Step 10: Excel in out of the classroom and GO Oympians!

Use your campus based resources to thrive. For instance, stop by the Student Services building (I-400) and take advantage of Mesa's resources and services.

Degree Requirements

A) Associate Degree Requirements:

Refer to: and click on page 90.

B) Transfer Requirements (coursework generally consists of two components):

1) General Education (G.E.)

a) If you plan to transfer to a UC and/or CSU school, follow the IGETC GE pattern below

IGETC Pattern


b) If you plan to transfer to a CSU only, follow the CSU GE pattern below

CSU Pattern

You may also access this information or more on the Mesa College Transfer Center's Educational Planning website


2) Preparation for Major

** To transfer to a UC or CSU, go to to find the G.E. and Preparation for Major coursework

Mesa College has also established articulation agreements with some independent /private colleges and universities. These agreements indicate the required patterns of coursework from Mesa College to the transferring institution.

To view and print these agreements, please select from the list below or visit the Mesa College's Transfer Center website.

* Go the Transfer Center to view these agreements, 619-388-2473