Need verification of student enrollment?

Verification of student enrollment in a Work Experience course can be done by phone, email, fax or formal letter. Due to privacy requirements, the student must request the verification. If you have questions about verification of enrollment in a Work Experience course for an employee or intern, please contact the the Dean of the School Health Sciences/Public Service at (619) 388-2789. If you need verification of student enrollment in courses other than Work Experience, please contact the Admissions office at (619) 388-2682.

Want to post a job/internship opportunity?

At Mesa College, this is handled through an online job board: http://jobconnect.sdccd.edu You may also contact the Mesa College Career Center for assistance or if you would like to participate in the annual Career Fair held in April.

What is work experience and what involvement is required by supervisors or mentors?

Work Experience Education is a unique method of instruction in which students, companies and college staff work together to provide relevant, quality education and valuable experiences for the student. The student needs to have a job or internship prior to enrolling in the course. Supervisors/mentors assist the students in this course in the following ways:

1. Review Objectives: The student has been provided an "Objectives Worksheet" for use in drafting his/her new learning objectives for this semester. At the beginning of the semester, sit down with him/her and review the learning objectives he/she has drafted. Negotiate any changes in the objectives that make them more appropriate to the job, clearer, or more attainable by the end of the semester. The objectives will be written in final form on the Training Agreement at the first site visit.

2. Two Site Visit Meetings: An instructor from Mesa College will visit the worksite twice by appointment. Our instructors are respectful of the time constraints of supervisors/mentors and often have a full schedule themselves; therefore, these contacts will be brief and structured so everyone involved gains the maximum benefit from the program.

  • At the first meeting, the objectives are listed on a Training Agreement and are mutually approved by you, the student and the college instructor. You will be given a copy of this agreement.
  • At the second meeting, the student's accomplishment of the stated goals will be evaluated on the Training Agreement.

3. Sign Time Sheet: The student is required to work/intern a certain number of hours based on the number of college units taken. The student will record his/her hours on a form provided by the college, then submit this record for your signature and give the signed document to his/her college instructor.

Employer Legal Considerations for Internships

The most common legal concerns employers have when considering internships are salary, worker's compensations and liability, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, unemployment, and civil rights. Find out more information about these topics.