Step 1

Decide on the type of course you need:

Program-Specific (270): Some Occupational Work Experience courses are program-specific and will be designated by the program. For example: Fashion (FASH) 270. These courses may have additional requirements so please check the subject area course description. Often these courses are requirements for the certificate or AA degree in the subject area. These courses are offered for a maximum of 4 units of Occupational Work Experience per semester.


Work Experience courses can be repeated.

There is a lifetime maximum credit limit of 16 units.

Students may enroll in only one (1) Program-Specific 270 course per semester.

Step 2

Decide on the number of units you want to take.

Work Hours Requirement: Credit units are awarded based on 75 hours of paid work and 60 hours of non-paid work per unit. This requirement does not change even when the length of the course session does. The hours needed in per unit are:

Paid Position

  • 2 Units = 150 hours
  • 3 Units = 225 hours
  • 4 Units = 300 hours

Non-Paid Position

  • 2 Units = 120 hours
  • 3 Units = 180 hours
  • 4 Units = 240 hours

If you want to know the average work hours needed per week, divide the total hours by the number of weeks in the session (16 weeks). You can include hours worked on weekend and holidays which may lower your weekly average hours.

Step 3

Check out FAQs for information on enrollment and other specific details.