Current Study Abroad Programs

San Diego Community College District Programs:

A.  Fashion Program in Paris, Florence, and Rome

(Worldstrides International Discovery Program, Trip ID 95528) - Spring Break 2014 (San Diego Mesa College Program.  Full as of 8.15.13-Not accepting anymore applicants.  Contact Prof. Susan Lazear or call 619-388-2205 for more information)

B.  Spanish Language & Art Program in Madrid, Spain 

(Modern Language Studies Abroad Program) - Summer 2014 San Diego Mesa College Program.  Earn up to 8 UNITS in one summer (5 units Spanish + 3 units Art History 111).

  1. Download an application by clicking here: MADRID, SPAIN- SUMMER 2014 APPLICATION. 
  2. Download program information: PowerPoint Overview;  MLSA Madrid Info Sheet
  3. Visit Prof. Patxi Zabaleta in LRC-231, or call him 619-388-2585, to enroll directly in the program. 
  4. For information about the Art History course, click here: ARTF 111 Course Description.  For more details, contact Prof. Denise Rogers or call 619-388-2371.
  5. Visit the Calendar of Events for the month of July in Spain.
  6. Complete the required forms (Travel Student Contract & Student Travel Medical Consent) prior to departure.  

C.  Spanish Language & Culture in Antigua, Guatemala

Summer 2014 San Diego City College Program. Earn up to 8 UNITS in one summer (5 units Spanish + 3 units Spanish Composition/Conversation). For more information, contact Prof. Rosalinda Sandoval or call 619-388-3295.

 D.  San Diego and Imperial Counties Community College Association:

French Language and Culture in Paris, France -- Summer 2014. This program is organized through Southwestern College.  Mesa College Professor Uriel Ornelas is the instructor of record for FREN 101 and FREN 102.  Contact Dr. Carla Kirkwood, 619-482-6504 or for more information)