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Mission Statement

Study abroad programs are designed to promote cross cultural competence, disciplinary scholarship, and foreign language acquisition. They also serve to inspire and inform students, preparing them with the skills necessary to effectively engage with local and global communities and become culturally perceptive citizens.  

San Diego Mesa College is actively sponsoring two study abroad programs: Fashion in Paris & Milan (Spring Break 2014), and Spanish Language & Culture in Madrid, Spain (Summer 2014)

Students are encouraged to seek out additional programs through SDICCCA (San Diego and Imperial Counties Community College Association) and the CCIE Consortium (California Colleges of International Education), of which the San Diego Community College District is a member.

-If you are a faculty member looking into proposing a study abroad program for the 2013-2014 academic year, click on the "Faculty Forms" tab to learn more.

-If you are a student, click on the "Current Programs" or "CCIE" links for more information about the upcoming Study Abroad Programs. 

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