Honors Team












Dr. Alison Primoza 
Phone: (619) 388-2351
Office: G-239

Dr. Alison Primoza works with honors students on everything related to  transfer - from scholarship and internship opportunities, resume building activities like presentation and publication opportunities, to facilitating pre-transfer experiences, such as pre-transfer mentoring, symposia, conferences, and summer internships. She is advisor of the Honors Club and one of the PTK advisors. She works to build and maintain honors transfer agreements and opportunities with partner schools. Dr. Primoza earned her BA and MA, in Spanish, and PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley. She has taught Spanish at Mesa College since 1996. She aspires to have free time to enjoy film, surfing, hiking, and travel.


Dr. Leticia P. Lopez 
Phone: (619) 388-2353 
Office: G-238

Dr. Leticia P. Lopez has offered a Spanish honors course with a focus on film for various years at Mesa College, and has extensive experience working with her own students on crafting their honors contracts. As the new honors coordinator, she encourages students and faculty to look for new ways to weave global awareness and service-learning into their standard curriculum. A  native from Los Angeles, Dr. Lopez holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Mount Saint Mary's College, a TESL credential from UCSB Extension, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from UC Santa Barbara. She has been at Mesa College since 2002. When not teaching, she enjoys ​spending time with her family and friends, watching classic films, playing sports, and traveling.












Professor Wendy Smith 
Phone: (619) 388-2347
Office: G-333

Wendy Smith teaches all levels of composition, literature, film, and creative writing. She works to promote empathy, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in her students. After taking Mesa College classes through Clairemont High School, she received her B.A. from UCSD and her M.A. from SDSU. She is a fellow of the San Diego Area Writing Project.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, son, two dogs, and a tortoise at her Linda Vista home.



Anthony Reuss 
Phone: (619) 388-2672
Office: I-400

Anthony Reuss has been a Personal Growth professor and counselor at Mesa College for the past 20 years.  What he loves most about his counseling role is working with the students at Mesa and experiencing the wealth of diversity that the student body offers. “Making a positive change in the lives of students is very rewarding, I enjoy my work very much” explains Professor Reuss.  One of his current counseling assignments is working with the Honors students. He develops educational plans and provides transfer and degree completion information to students participating in the Mesa Honors Program.


Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Phone: (619) 388-2341
Office: I-109

Drew Gonzales
Phone: (619) 388-2341
Office: I-109