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Meet Michael


Name: Michael Williams

I am a: Senior attending Thurgood Marshall College at UCSD

I have also attended the following College(s): Mesa Community College

I am taking classes preparing to transfer to: N/A, majoring in Human Biology

One of the reasons this area is of interest to me is because: The ability to study life and how it works is truly a fascinating subject. Is there really any more that needs to be said?!!!

Research Interest and Experience: (describe your experience working in a lab and/or your interest in Research) I have been working in Dr. De Maio's immunology laboratory under Dr. David Cauvi for almost a year now at UCSD in which I have been granted the oppurtunity to study cytokines of the immune system and how they function during the onset of Sepsis in mouse models.Other research interest besides immunology include virology and molecular biology.

Being involved in the Bridges Program at Mesa College has been helpful to me in the following way(s): This program was very influential in my decision to pursue an MD/Ph.D. program and basically "got my foot in the door" to not only research, but also to meeting many amazing mentors in the field itself including graduate students, post-docs, and P.I.'s. This was truly a career changing experience for me that I am grateful to have had an oppurtunity to experience.