Transferability of College Credits

San Diego Mesa College is part of the State of California system of higher education. Accelerated College Program classes are sections of courses regularly taught at Mesa College. Therefore, credits earned in the Accelerated College Program are automatically (when transcripts are submitted) transferable to all California State Universities and all branches of the University of California. Each class carries a CAN (California Articulation Number) to assist universities in determining equivalencies. In addition, Accelerated College Program units are accepted by private colleges and universities in California (including Stanford and USC), and are accepted by most colleges and universities across the country, although some may impose various restrictions requiring petitions or placement tests. Receiving universities may allow the credits to be used for: subject requirements as a prerequisite for a major or related course, units toward a major, units toward graduation, GE requirements of the university(e.g. American institutions or quantitative reasoning), GE requirements of a college (e.g. depth and breadth for College of Arts and Letters), course equivalency. For example, at UCSD political science units earned in the Accelerated College Program satisfy the American Institutions requirement, transfer directly as political science units, and meet the requirements of the State of California for certification in certain professional programs. You should consult your college catalog or evaluator for policies in this area. Take the syllabus and course description provided by your ACP professor with you to orientation and registration session at your university.

The Accelerated College Program and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Both Accelerated College Program and Advanced Placement (AP) courses allow students to take rigorous college level classes from excellent teachers on high school campuses. Advanced Placement courses are offered by the high school, so credits are used for the diploma; college credit depends on the results of the exam in May which the student may elect and pay to take. Accelerated College Program classes are provided through Mesa College, so no high school credit is given toward the diploma. Transferable college credits at Mesa College are earned by all successful students.

Students are selected for the Accelerated College Program by their high school counselors on the basis of previous grades, teacher recommendations and /or placement tests. Student learn from materials selected, prepared and present by their Accelerated College Program teachers, and are tested over those materials. Over 90% of our students pass and earn college credits.

How does the Accelerated College Program affect San Diego High Schools

Each high school is allocated faculty positions (CPU's) by the San Diego Unified School District based on its student population, according to the District's formula, without consideration of our program. Our presence reduces the number of student who must be enrolled in high school classes. High schools can therefore reduce class size and/or assign released time for special purposes.

The high schools receive full ADA, provided Accelerated College Program students are enrolled in high school class four hours a day.

According to the California Stat Department of Education, the Accelerated College Program enhances the high school curriculum by: 1) fostering articulation according to the State of California's Master Plan, and 2) enabling high schools to include college credit courses among the options for their students.