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Henry Browne

Physical Education (Football)


B. S., University of California Los Angeles

M. A., San Diego State University

Mr. Henry Browne, is an Assistant Professor, Physical Education (emphasis in Football) for the School of Physical Education, Health Education and Athletics. Mr. Browne received a B. S. degree in Kinesiology from the University of California Los Angeles and a M. A. degree in Physical Education from San Diego State University.

In addition to his distinguished academic credentials, Mr. Browne brings 12 years of teaching experience at the college level. He has taught in an adjunct capacity at Mesa, Grossmont, and City Colleges from 1991 to the present and completed a Graduate Teaching Assistant assignment at San Diego State University. Henry's educational background is in exercise science, and he has taught Applied Kinesiology, Exercise for Special Populations and Fitness Specialist Internship courses in the Fitness Specialist Program for several years. Mr. Henry Browne has 12 years experience in Coaching Football at Mesa, Grossmont, and City Colleges. He served as Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, and Recruiting Coordinator at Mesa College and Grossmont College. In addition, he has 3 years of experience as Head Track Coach at Grossmont College.

Henry Browne has been highly successful in the area of recruitment, which reflects his extensive knowledge of the San Diego area and the excellent working relationships he has formed with students and coaches in San Diego County. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated instructor, who has clearly and consistently demonstrated his commitment to the goals of our profession.

Department(s): Physical Education, Athletics

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