Course Details

HEAL 131 Emergency Response (First Aid/CPR/AED)

3 hours lecture, 3 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Description: This course is of interest to students who wish to earn the American Red Cross certifications necessary for employment as an emergency first responder. This class also satisfies the prerequisite requirement for students entering the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program or any educational program requiring a college level first aid class. This course follows the U.S. Department of Transportation First Responder National Standard Curriculum and meets Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Guidelines. Students successfully completing this course receive certifications in Emergency Response (valid for 3 years), CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer (valid for 2 years), Bloodborne Pathogens and Administering Emergency Oxygen (each valid for 1 year). This course may be repeated to renew certifications.