Certificate of Achievement

This curriculum is approved and certified by the California State Department of Public Health and prepares the student to function as a qualified dietetic service supervisor/manager in health care facilities. A student may not continue in the program with an unsatisfactory grade (D, F).

Dietetic Supervisor Practice Requirement

Students accepted into this program will be required to successfully complete Dietetic Supervisor Practice/ food service-based courses held in health care facilities. These facilities may require background checks, including fingerprinting, as a condition of placement at the clinic. Refusal to submit to a background check, or failure to meet clearance criteria established by the health care facility, may prevent placement in the Dietetic Supervisor Practice/food service-based course and thus, it may not be possible to successfully complete the program. Health care facilities also require adherence to strict standards of conduct. Facilities may refuse educational access to any person who does not adhere to the facility's standards of safety, health and ethical behavior. This may be cause for removal from the program.

Recommended Course Sequence

Units Courses
Courses Required for the Major:
3 NUTR 150 Nutrition
3 CACM 101 Sanitation, Safety and Equipment
1NUTR 116 Principles of Cooking in Healthcare Food Service
2 NUTR 091 Directed Clinical Practice
2-3 NUTR 180 Nutrition and Diet Therapy OR
NUTR 089 Modified Diets
3NUTR 199 Food Operations in Healthcare Management
14-15 = Total Units

Associate in Science

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