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MUSI 268A Beginning Ear Training Laboratory I

3 hours lab, 1 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Description: The course is designed to facilitate perception, performance and identification of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic patterns in music. This course consists of sight singing scales, melodies, and rhythms, notating melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, and identifying chords and intervals. The emphasis is on the development of basic skills in sight singing and dictation: the sight singing and notating of short diatonic melodies containing seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths and octaves, the identification of major, minor, augmented and diminished triads in root position, harmonic dictation of primary triads in major keys, and rhythmic dictation with duple, triple and quadruple subdivisions of the beat. This course is designed for the student pursuing music as a major or for the student interested in enhancing technical knowledge and skills.

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