Math Advancement Exams (AKA Challenge Exams)

Do you feel you are OVER-QUALIFIED for a particular math course? If so, you may challenge the course, possibly qualifying to enroll in the next higher course.  First review the Process to ensure that you qualify to take an advancement exam.

Steps to take:

  1. READ the Topics/Description (below) for the desired class.
  2. TAKE the appropriate Practice/Sample Exams (below).
  3. CHECK your answers (below).
  4. If you feel you are ready to take the actual exam prior to the start of the semester, contact Admissions (Jim Arnegard) and arrange a time to take the exam.  To take the exam during the first week of the semester you need to contact the Department Chair.
  5. After passing the appropriate exam, discuss your options with the Department Chair or your current instructor.
  6. If after reviewing the topics you feel you need a quick refresher, take the appropriate Math 15 Refresher Course. The appropriate refresher is listed next to each of the courses below.

NOTE: You MUST take (and pass) the exam no later than the end of the first week of a semester. The Add/Drop deadline still applies. Remember, it takes time to grade these exams. So get started EARLY!  Advancement exams can not be retaken!!!!!

Math 38 - Pre-Algebra (Refresher Course: Math 15A)
Math 46 - Beginning Algebra and Geometry (Refresher Course: Math 15B)
Math 96 - Intermediate Algebra and Geometry (Refresher Course: Math 15C)
Math 104 - Trigonometry (Refresher Course: Math 15E)
Math 116 - College Algebra (Refresher Course Math 15F)
Math 141 - Pre-Calculus (Refresher Courses: Math 15E and 15F)