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Alison Damoose

Mathematics, Asst. Chair


B.A., UC Berkeley


Ms. Alison D. Damoose joined the Department of Mathematics as a new assistant professor specializing in Developmental Mathematics, effective Fall 2005 Semester. Alison completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the university of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. Additionally, she has completed coursework in Computer Science including Java and C++ programming. Alison began her teaching career early in 1992, when she taught and tutored in Costa Rica under the CEPID program. Later on while in graduate school, she served as a Calculus teaching assistant at UCSD for almost two years.

In January 2002, she joined Mesa College as an adjunct Math instructor where she taught and also served as part of the Study Skills Task Force as well as facilitating a CMC3 workshop for our Pathways through Algebra project and also participated in the Math Field Day on campus. Concurrently, she held an appointment at City College teaching Intermediate Algebra courses. She subsequently joined the Portland Community College (Oregon) and served as a Math instructor and a tutor for their Learning Center. Then in January 2004, she accepted a full-time position with the Yuba College of Woodland Community College District in Woodland, California. During this time, she has taught developmental math courses from Basic Arithmetic to Prealgebra and Beginning Algebra. Additionally, she created the Math Study Skills Workshop, served as a mentor for the Puente Project, participated in college governance, attended Math conferences in both 2004 and 2005 and completed a workshop on Student Learning Outcomes in 2004.

Ms. Damoose sincerely believes in providing a positive learning experience for all students at the developmental math level, particularly for those who may have had negative 'math learning' experiences which have impeded their learning in the past. To achieve success, Alison not only creates effective learning environments, but has had much success in encouraging students to become active learners. She spends considerable energy addressing study skills and anxieties often found within such classes. Often she promotes 'ownership of experience' by empowering students with choices through self-assessment of learning styles. Alison is skilled in technology use as well as manipulatives. Her fluency in Spanish, multi-cultural experiences and a thorough familiarity with community college students give Alison effective skills in responding to a wide variety of student needs. Ms. Damoose is a highly trained teacher of Mathematics and brings significant skills to our students and their learning objectives.

Department(s): Mathematics

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