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Sharokh Parvini



B. S., Oklahoma State University

M.S., Oklahoma State University

Ed.D, Alliant University


Shahrokh Parvini, Assistant Professor, Mathematics at Mesa College. Parvini earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics and M.S. in Statistics from Oklahoma State University. In addition, he has an Instructor's Credential in Mathematics from the State of California.

Mr. Parvini has been an adjunct faculty member at Mesa College since 1989. In addition, he has been employed as a Statistician for the County of San Diego. His assignments have included caseload analysis, statistical analysis of judicial information, projection modeling and forecasting. He has used and developed computer applications to diagnose and process the data involved.

Since 1991, Mr. Parvini has held a third, concurrent position as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Redlands where he taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He was also involved in the development of curricula for undergraduate, adult students which led to a work that was presented to the National Tutoring Association at its 1996 annual conference.

Additionally, Mr. Parvini collaborated in a four-year grant project from the Judicial Council of the State of California. He is experienced in all aspects of diversity and is a member of several professional organizations, including Mu Sigma Rho, the National Statistical Honor Fraternity.

Department(s): Mathematics

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