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  • Did you know that 2 years or more of a language in high school allows you to begin at the 102 level?
  • Did you know that if you are a fluent speaker of Spanish, you should enroll in Spanish 215 (Spanish for Spanish Speakers I) instead of in Spanish 101 (Beginner Spanish). It's UC/CSU transferable, you can earn 5 units, and was designed wtih Spanish speakers in mind.  There's no pre-requisite!  For more information, contact Prof. Leticia P López, 619-388-2353, 
  • Did you know that by filling out a "Challenge to the Prerequiste of a Class" and passing a placement exam, you can take a higher level course. You will not receive the unit credit for the class, but you will be able to enroll in a more challening class that meet your needs. For more infomation, contact  Jim Arnegard in the Admissions and Records Office (I4-102), or call 619-388-2686